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Draw Calligraphy – Pricing

eMashq works in subscription mode.
The subscriptions allow you to use all eMashq features including the 8 advances fonts corresponding to the arabic styles:




Diwani Jali

About 18.000 variations.

About 3.000 variations.

About 10.000 variations.

About 7.000 variations.






About 6.000 variations.

About 1.500 variations.

About 6.000 variations.

About 1.000 variations.

The variation of a letter (character) is a distinguish shape of that character.
The subscription allow you also to export your work in the SVG format.
Allowed subscriptions are (click on your choice to make your order):
1 month subscription – € 54


All the features enabled including:

The 8 fonts and the SVG export.

6 month subscription – € 324 € 270


Benefit from 1 Month for Free.

6 months at the price of 5.

1 year subscription – € 648 € 486


Benefit from 3 Months for Free.

1 year at the price of 9 months.

Free use

When you register, you will be able to try with one font and exporting only to PNG format with a watermark.

Need help?

If you find difficulties to buy online to activate your subscription automatically, please contact us.