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What distinguishes the Diwani Jali script? and what are its uses?

The Diwani Jali script, one of the most beautiful and well-shaped Arabic calligraphy.

It was invented by the Ottoman calligrapher “Shahla Pasha” at the end of the tenth century Hijri, as it was inspired by the Diwani calligraphy. Certain letters appear below the line and others above it. Rather, what is taken into account first is the uniformity and harmony of the letterforms. Then he developped it by perfecting its shape and embellishment, then the teacher of calligraphy in the Royal Office “Muhammad Izzat Al-Turki” took a part in its improvement.

The most famous calligraphers of the Diwani Jali script

History didn’t mention several names of this font’s developers Because it was restricted to the Sultanate’s offices in the Ottoman era, and it wasn’t considered a kind of art in the beginnings of its creativity. The calligrapher “Mahmoud Shukri Pasha Al-Masry” remains one of the most famous who mastered the Diwani Jali font, after him the calligrapher “Mustafa Azlan Bey”.

What distinguishes the Diwani Jali script ? and what are its uses?

This font is contrasted from its predecessor (the Diwani font) by the plenty of decorative diacritics, movements, and dots that fill the spaces between letters and words until the sentence forms a single block or a full drawing without spaces. 

Accordingly, it was called Aljali; which means innovated and skillful, contrary to the al-Diwani script (or the Diwani khafy), which was commonly used without diacritics or decoration.

Which makes the clear Diwani calligraphy ideal for artistic paintings and a  creative tool in the hands of those who master it, especially if it is mixed with a fine artistic sense, so it was promoted by the most famous calligrapher in the Ottoman Empire, even it became the first Font used in writings and banners on important official events.

How can you write in Diwani Jali script?

If you are interested in the Diwani Jali calligraphy script and want to write and design in it for a personal or practical purpose, or to create a calligraphy painting, you should use the emashq program.

emashq provides you with the appropriate platform to achieve your purpose and more, as it offers you simple and easy tools in diverse ready-made templates  that combine the identity and originality of calligraphic script, the modernity of the composition, diversity and creativity in an easy-to-use way  to write in the Diwani Jali script, then upload or share your work.

Emashq furnishes more than 7000 forms of letters in the Diwani Jali script, in addition to diacritics signs that allow you to design the word or phrase in more than one style until you reach the visualization that suits you, using the tool of shape editing, move the blocks, and put the appropriate diacritics for the artwork.

The tools of the emashq platform are in line with the essentials for drawing the Diwani Jali script in several ways:

  • It allows you to extend (elongate) the letters horizontally and vertically and decorate the tails endings of characters in a unique artistic way.
  • It allows you to use a grid behind the words to keep the lines straight.
  • It enables you to use an image as a role model by placing it in the background which can be hidden and shown
  • It provides you with a large number of decorative signs and diacritics that distinguish the Diwani Jali font from others.
  • Of course, you can export your artwork online without installing any software and publish it on social networks, or send a link to someone, all with a few simple steps.

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