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What distinguishes the THULUTH Script from other Arabic Calligraphy fonts?

Thuluth font is a variety of Arabic script, and the most famous, derived from the Nash script. It is considered one of the most difficult Arabic fonts in terms of rules and scales, also it’s specified by flexibility and careful composition.

It was invented by The Calligrapher “Qutbat Al-Moharer”-The first calligrapher in the era of the Umayyads, in 136 Hijri. The sources agree that the calligrapher “Ibn Muqla” had great credit for creating its artistic formula, Then, the calligrapher Ibn al-Bawab mastered it and invented beautiful types for it.

Who are the most famous calligraphers of the Thuluth script?

The most remarkable creators in Thuluth Script are: 

  • The calligrapher Hamid Al-Amidi
  • The Calligrapher Mohamed Ezzat
  • The calligrapher Mohamed Al-Jazaery
  • The calligrapher Hashem Al-Baghdadi…
Thuluth script by emashq

What sets THULUTH script apart from other Arabic calligraphy fonts?

First, the name “Thuluth” means a third, which refers to the size of the pen used to write this script, its width must be one-third of the pen used to write the Jalil font.

Also, its diacritics are drawn with a pen that has a quarter width of the original pen, with the exception of some of them, Here, the expertise of the calligrapher emerges.

The Thuluth font is distinguished by its structure, so a single sentence can be written in several forms, depending on the structure of the letters, as well, it is based on diacritics which are distributed in an artistic manner suitable to the calligraphic work.

Furthermore, The baseline of the thuluth script is distinct as a fixed-line, However, there is a slight difference in some letters between the Baghdadi and the Turkish schools.

It’s called the master of calligraphy fonts because of its difficulty in learning and its beauty and perfection. That’s why the thuluth script is used in writing in mosques, domes, facades, paintings, titles of books, magazines, and newspapers.

The Thuluth font is distinguished by its structure

How to write in Thuluth script?

If you are interested in writing and designing with Thuluth script for personal or business purposes, or to create a calligraphy painting, you should use the eMashq web application.


eMashq provides to you the ideal platform to achieve your purpose and more, it presents the best fonts of the Thuluth script developed by leading experts, in a template ready for use and download. A variety that combines the identity and originality of calligraphic script, the modernity of the composition, diversity and creativity in an easy-to-use way.

the identity and originality of thuluth script by emashq

eMashq supplies more than 18,000 letter shapes in Thuluth font, Which allows you to combine the word or the phrase in more than one form until you reach the conception that suits you, Using the tool of shape editing, move the blocks and put the appropriate diacritics for the created artwork.

tool of shape editing

eMashq offers to you a great possibility to be creative in the Thuluth script in an easy and varied way Through the horizontal elongation of the characters, as well as their reflection, such as the letter “ي” in the example below, which gives an elegant touch to the calligraphic panel.

horizontal elongation

One of the unlimited advantages of emashq is the technique of separating or cutting letters that helps you develop your own linear structure, and you can also reconnect it again as the example below shows.

 cutting letters

Using the vertical elongation tool, you can regulate the length or height of the letters conforming to your need, and thus you are the one who controls the construction of the painting according to your imagination and artistic taste.

 vertical elongation

Furthermore, if you are a fan of complex structure and word building to add aesthetics and creativity to your calligraphic painting, eMashq gives you this wonderful feature in Thuluth font and saves you from searching and tiring, all that, online and without downloading any software, which makes your artwork easy and superb.

add aesthetics
“اللهم إنك عفو تحب العفو فاعفوا عنا” Painting in Thuluth script, designed by eMashq 

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