Draw Calligraphy – Pricing

eMashq works in subscription mode.
The subscriptions allow you to use all eMashq features including the 8 advances fonts corresponding to the arabic styles:




Diwani Jali

About 18.000 variations.

About 3.000 variations.

About 10.000 variations.

About 7.000 variations.






About 6.000 variations.

About 1.500 variations.

About 6.000 variations.

About 1.000 variations.

The variation of a letter (character) is a distinguish shape of that character.
The subscription allow you also to export your work in the SVG format.
Allowed subscriptions are (click on your choice to make your order):
1 month subscription – € 54


All the features enabled including:

The 8 fonts and the SVG export.

6 month subscription – € 324 € 270


Benefit from 1 Month for Free.

6 months at the price of 5.

1 year subscription – € 648 € 486


Benefit from 3 Months for Free.

1 year at the price of 9 months.

Free use

When you register, you will be able to try eMashq.com with one font and exporting only to PNG format with a watermark.

eMashq requirement

eMashq needs the Adobe Flash Player plugin, and we encourage you to use the browser Google Chrome that comes with that plugin included.

Need help?

If you find difficulties to buy online to activate your subscription automatically, please contact us.